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TALON Interosseous Infusion System (Box of 6)

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TALON Interosseous Infusion System (Box of 6)

The T.A.L.O.N.™ (Tactically Advanced Lifesaving IO Needle) is the single solution for intraosseous vascular access. The T.A.L.O.N. provides combat lifesavers and medics with rapid and accurate IO access to all seven sites. With T.A.L.O.N., battlefield responders deliver life-saving fluids and medications rapidly and accurately for the resuscitation of the casualty.

T.A.L.O.N. is the first and only FDA-cleared manual IO device with 7-site access – sternum, bilateral proximal humerus, bilateral proximal tibia, and bilateral distal tibia. While some manual IO needles allow for sternal placement only, the T.A.L.O.N. gives battlefield responders tactical advantage to access any IO site with one device.

A single T.A.L.O.N. equals seven site IO access—there are no powered tools or multiple needles necessary and no special removal tool is required. Simple step-by-step instructions and minimal insertion pressure is required to ensure that combat lifesavers and medics can use the T.A.L.O.N. effectively with proper training.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides user access to all 7 FDA-cleared IO vascular access insertion sites
  • No need to carry additional needles for multiple vascular access points
  • Meets all CoTCCC recommendations for IO devices
  • Probes ensure secured placement
  • Minimal weight and cube
  • Sterile, 4-year shelf life
  • Latex free and non-pyrogenic
  • Includes quick reference card
  • Unit Weight: 1.4oz
  • Unit Dimensions: 8.25”W x 5.1”H x 2”D
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Kit Contents

1 - T.A.L.O.N. 15 gauge 38.5mm manual needle
1 - Sternal Site Locator
1 - Wrist Band
1 - EZ-Connect
1 - Quick Reference Card
1 - Needle Vise

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